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Our Kitchen at Dolton Primary School is run by Sue a very dedicated member of staff. She works hard to maintain a high standard of cooking and the food produced always is much appreciated by pupils and staff alike. Sue often has special meals organised, such as themed lunches to tie in with the childrens' topics and also community meals. Community meals are a fantastic way of having parents, grandparents and members of the wider school community involved in the school day. To the right is a sample menu so you can see what delights are offered on a weekly basis. 
Week 1 - 14/11/16 and 5/12/16 
Week 2 - 21/11/16 and 12/12/16 
Week 3 - 7/11/16 and 28/11/16 
Fresh Fruit yoghurt and jacket potatoes available daily. 
Menu may be subject to change. 


Week 1- Pasta Bolognaise/ Meat free suasage roll with pasta/ seasonal veg/ sald /bread. Pudding- Peaches and Ice Cream 
Week 2 -Homemade pizza or jacket potatoe with choice fillings, wholemeal pasta, baked beans. Pudding - Fruit Crumble and custard 
Week 3 - Homemade lasagne or Vegetarian Lasagne with Galic bread, seasonal veg / salad. Pudding Icecream roll 


Week 1 - Macaroni Cheese with crusty bread or vegitatian burgar in a roll, baked beans salad. Pudding Fruit mousse/ cheese crackers 
Week 2 - Cottage pie or cheese and potatoe pie with seasonal veg and gravey. Pudding Chocolate Cracknell 
Week 3 - Homemade sausage roll or spicy bean burger with creamed potatoes/ peas/ tomato sauce. Pudding Chocolate Brownie and Milk  


Week 1 -Roast turkey or Vegetable tart, roast potatoes, fresh veg, gravey. Pudding Marble sponge and custard 
Week 2 - Sausage or vegitatian sausage with yorkshire pudding, potatoes, fresh veg, gravey. Pudding Meringue Nest and Oranges 
Week 3 - Roast Gammon with pineapple or Quorn Roast, potatoes, seasonal veg and gravy Pudding - Marble sponge and custard 


Week 1 - Burger in a roll with relish, stir fry vegtable wrap, oven baked wedges, sweetcorn, coleslaw. Pudding Wholemeal shortcake and custard 
Week 2 - Sweet and sour chicken with rice or spanish omelette with seasonal vegtables. Pudding Choclate shortbread and chocolate sauce 
Week 3 - Crunchy Chicken fillet or Tomato Tumble with pasta, baked beans. Pudding Farmhouse cake and custard 


Week 1 - Oven baked fish fingers or Vegetarian Quiche with Crispy fries, seasonal veg and tomato sauce. Pudding - Cookie and fruit juice 
Week 2 - Oven baked breaded fish or Vegetarian Nuggets, crispy fries, seasonal veg, tomato sauce. Pudding - Flapjack 
Week 3 - Oven baked salmon bites or cheesy wheels, crispy fries, seasonal veg, tomato sauce. Pudding Custard Biscuit 
Children receiving lunch
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